We've partnered with ecodrive to aid in significant and meaningful carbon offset for our Planet. What we like about our cooperative solution with ecodrive is that they lead the pack in producing the desired effect we need to help move Mother Earth along in the right direction regarding meeting sustainability goals that actually make a difference. 

"Ecodrive plants mangrove trees in North-Western Madagascar (near Mahajanga) and hires local villagers living in poverty to plant and maintain these trees! Each dollar goes towards the cost of the seedling (mangrove seedlings are called propagules), and the wage of the local villagers that are hired to plant and maintain the growth of the trees, helping to ensure survivability rates stay high. Alongside carbon reduction, poverty alleviation is a huge part of what is also achieved at ecodrive (together with additional partners, like Eden Projects).

Mangroves are planted because they are some of the highest carbon-absorbing trees in the world, giving you the most value for your carbon reduction!"

So you will be given a choice to participate by simply moving the toggle switch at checkout. It's that easy; and it will only cost you $.65 cents, a very small amount that creates big results. 

Säen thanks you for caring about our Planet. And so does ecodrive. Visit their site today for more details.