Säen, pronounced (Zion,) is a story unfolding as your story. Its very name is about sowing possibility. And so our focus, beyond supplying what we refer to as "clean materials," is to seek and provide cooperative solutions regarding helping members of communities to become unstuck, in their reasoning, their mobility, and finally, in what prevents them from actualizing as an asset to their community and the world. 

WE CONSIDER anyone NOT meeting their potential marginalized. However, we take on a very different meaning to the word, in how it was originally meant: to write in the margins of what is important to understand, in order to create one's presence with masterful embellishment of beauty, insight and outcome. 

Thus, WE ADDRESS issues of Community with -

FOUR DISTINCT BRANDS OF ENERGY UNDER ONE HOUSE, each with their own individual and distinct personality, an ANTHOLOGY of eco-wear telling a story within a story about a story that is you:

Säen Worldwide

I V E U E 



WELCOME to the Collection.