Säen (sῑən) is an extremely unique fashion eco-system, materialized as FOUR DISTINCT STYLES AND METAPHYSICAL PHILOSOPHIES, all under one roof called the Säen Group, representing: 

Säen Worldwide (Earth)




However, we didn't create a Fashion company simply to sell you material merchandise. In all honesty, you can get that anywhere. And quite frankly, cheap tees at $25 a pop abound with individuals simply out to make money, to gain wealth, which just isn't our goal. 

So why buy from us? especially with tees between $69-$125 (let's just look that elephant square in the face and get it over with.) Well, apart from our extremely powerful and insightful messaging aimed at helping you to improve your life, we donate 30% of our profits to charity, as well as various community endeavors, for no other reason than to uplift humanity to the greatest heights possible. What else, we offer the absolute best eco-experience possible, which is why we deal with the most quality organic cottons in the industry.

So, whether it's our tees or hoodies, you can rest assured that you're getting an extremely unique experience in eco-wear. Soft to the touch and feel on the body, our eco-clothing is superbly strong and substantial, able to take the toughest of abuse, while maintaining superb comfort. Yet, messaged with unique statements that are thought provoking and scripted in ancient, metaphysical understanding. Even putting your hands in our kangaroo hoodie pouches is an experience in itself.

Our accessories are equally impressive, with a completely compost material iPhone case that biodegrades within one year of being placed in the landfill, as well as our Organic ball caps, and our collaboration with Flexfit, an industry leader in quality made headwear.

So whether you're putting one of our items on your head or body, we've got your covered, with quality that surpasses in the most noticeable ways. 

Know that there's instant trust with our merchandise; and we'll always go out of our way to ensure you have the absolute best customer service experience possible. That's our guarantee.WELCOME to our very definitive Collections. Welcome to Säen: the small named company with great responsibility toward change.