I don't know what it means to be something or someone I'm not. And I can NEVER have that experience, until I do. That doesn't mean I have to engage in what activities or human behavior I find disagreement with in order to empathize. I simply must learn to not judge. And herein lies our major disruption to societal growth and development: our inability to both understand and accept what love is, and how it should guide us, instead of us trying to influence it.
As much as I don't care for religion, Christianity, I do have heart space for its followers, the same for other people engaging in similar practice. And while I don't care for the excuses many make within these observances, especially when a major component of it (The Southern Baptist Convention) hides 20 years of molestations against children, who claim themselves as staunch supporters of "God," I do however, find major issue with what allowed them to continue standing in pulpits, judging others for their supposed short falls.
What religion teaches is often contrary to what is truth. And doctrines and theology have simply obscured much of what ancient writings have originally conveyed. Let's face it, MUCH of the Bible has been REDACTED. And so, why the insistence of an "infallible Word of God?" especially when the word "God" isn't even an accurate translation? when even the word itself has been manipulated from a small g, to a capitalized one, for mere reason of supporting monotheism in an effort to destroy polytheism. Put simply, why is so much of religion, Christianity a lie, if its aim is "truth?" Because its real intent, while perhaps at earlier junctions was meant to offer us help in determining our true selves, is more a derailment with an obvious agenda to enslave us under mass control. And it doesn't take much research to understand why.
I'm not here to steer anyone away from their beliefs. Believe away. But when what you posit harms others, judges, condemns, dismisses so easily under the guise of being a "Christian," "serving "God," then there is a monumental problem with what you've chosen as a "guidance system."
Morality simply doesn't work. And neither does religious effort. Both impose major restrictions that ultimately result in rebellion. For what can truly contain the uncontainable? If spirit is the wind that cannot be fully understood, for such is the psyche of humankind, in all of its complexity. Because both are one and the same. Thus, who we truly are can ONLY be understood by its own inner self, and in THAT capacity, it reasons its own ability, as long as it's guided by what made it, HIGHER POWERS THAT ARE THE ELOHIM.
We are not to be passioned by what ultimately and ironically makes us dispassionate. And if we have subscribed to such things, then we will always be out of order whereas love is concerned. For love does NOT impose restriction, limit growth. Neither does it persuade in manipulative ways. And if religion cannot tell the truth about our beginnings, how can it ever guide us toward our journey back to where we all came from?
"Hell," "Lake of Fire," "condemnation," have become weapons of a warfare aimed at destroying our truer sense of self, masterfully manipulated by nefarious entities who seek ONLY to divide our greater sense of loving each other. And if there is to be any form of "salvation," it MUST ALWAYS BE ROOTED in the words: "Father, forgive them, for they know NOT what they do." Because until we can say THIS, we will never be able to associate ourselves with any form of what is "unconditional."