I'm proud to introduce what I know will be a life-changing solution for many of our social dilemmas, especially, and including violence. Because we take the approach that doesn't negate the validity of crime in a dualistic world, where opposite energies MUST exist. We simply move forward in building important infrastructure that help to foster important progress. 
WEAREONEBREATH(TM) was a brain-child of many years back. I simply held onto it, until I knew it could be given the energy needed to accomplish its tasks.
Now is that time. 
Based on the (actual) teachings of CHRIST, in his famous quote: "If you speak to the mountain, be thou removed and cast into the sea, it will obey your voice," we  address the truth of this statement, which lies in what the Church doesn't understand, or know how to teach. And therein lies the power of this solution: to guide its participants toward their voice, their passion, their power, what overcomes, instead of what oppresses. 
What I hope for WEAREONEBREATH(TM) to accomplish is encouraging, as we seek to remedy the many issues surrounding systemic failures. So please feel free to contact us, to inquire more about how we plan to evolve the necessary aspects of this wonderful energy under our very own Symmetry guidelines for social change.