THE BIRTH OF SÄEN by Founder and Creative Director SAHDIR R. KHȂLIL

From the very beginning, säen had to be a vehicle of opportunity, for people, and their respective communities, as one House of possibility, based on a definitive Mission Statement: "We aim to help you make possible what appears seemingly impossible, in spaces where the impossible dwells." This is LIFE, our most formidable undertaking, the thing that seemingly knocks the breath out of us every chance it gets. Thus, säen is about principles that prepare, prosper, and empower. 

Well, here we are, the birthing of säen: "the small named company with a BIG mission toward changing lives." It sounded good the moment it rolled off of my tongue. And that's exactly what we are, in every sense of the words expressed within the slogan itself. 

No doubt, our work is cut out for us; there simply are no small gestures in our Mission. Because it automatically invites a higher power. And that sits quite okay.

We have challenged ourselves to be a bold energy that desires to make a difference that is different, one that is lasting; and we find no better cause to undertake, than those often without a sense of their own merit, or abilities.

We know our projects will take time, and lot's of it. You don't turn a large ship in a different direction all at once. But we're committed, and sincerely hope that whoever is reading this Blog will join our efforts, and support what säen is about, which is building community, one life at a time. 

The fact that we offer earth-friendly merchandise is all the more reason to do business with us.

And so, off we go, into the fray, to fight the good fight, to lessen the liability of those failed by systemic processes that have virtually left behind the very ones our Nation can no longer afford to diminish in value. 

We simply need ALL hands on deck to help in this effort of refining citizenry.

And thus, every citizen is important.

Every human being is of consequence.

No one is expendable.

So, welcome to the Grand opening of säen, a company seeking to make a difference - because we're different. 

For now, that's everything that matters, and a whole lot more!