So many people are taught to hate themselves, by things said, by the careless words of others, by damaging self talk, by how people treat your body, your mind, your heart, spirit and Soul. Religion is especially a culprit. Right now, there are Christians who think so less of the world that, they're ready to air escape from what they believe will be the "Great Tribulation," where a supposed "Savior" called Jesus Christ (even though Christ isn't a name) is going to rescue them, and leave YOU behind: to suffer in anguish, pain, and unheard of torturing, all because YOU deserve it. What an awful thing to teach someone, especially the many children they have in their "protection." Yet, on the other side of their "sainthood" is THEIR darkness, what allows for the Southern Baptist Convention" (staunchest supports of "Jesus") to inflict sexual battery against minors for TWENTY YEARS, and then hide those crimes from the authorities, while standing in pulpits on Sunday to "deliver a message of hope" to its many converts. But christians are 35% divorced, many suffering from mental illness, and a mass number of them cheat, lie, manipulate and do all of what does the "World" they want to escape from. How is any of it to make sense? unless you understand the Bible in what it's truly attempting to deliver as a message: "That Elohim (the powers above) separated the light from the dark," that they are one in the same, which is the only thing that reconciles Isaiah 45:7. And that LIGHT AND DARKNESS are here in our world of duality, to show us our true selves without illusion, that we might master Genesis 4:7. Yes, we are simply here to MASTER, to overcome, to move forward despite of, to TRANSFORM in all things, with ALL things. But if you deny this CAIN side of you, more havoc will be created by that denial. And THIS is what THE CHRIST truly teaches, the archetype of salvation in MASTERING, the cross being the effigy of hope in standing as a symbol of what repels all else, for if one dies, if one is posted on a stake, they are released from the world of judgement, and their darkness will finally return to the light from which it came. Put simply, you are to NEVER run from your dark side, but to learn to control what urges against a common good for our collective humanity, which is why righteous in the days of antiquity was considered what one did for the ALL and not merely for the ONE. 

"Evil" was NEVER meant to harm you, to cause you self-infliction by way of errors in teaching you that something is wrong with the individual you look at in the mirror everyday, using mistranslations of a so-called "Word of God" to determine you as what a "God" has no care, love or concern for. How absurd a reasoning, except in the minds of those who posit DOGMA, those who are generally hyprocrites to their own messaging. 

Love means NEVER having to be separated from anything. THIS is the parabolic meaning of The Prodigal Son, in that his return was everything as important as his departure. 

As an ever evolving society, we can no longer allow dictates of an impossible "Gospel" to reason our value and worth a way, to diminish our true IMAGE, what reflects better through experiences that lead to true salvation. Thus, we must NEVER mindlessly accept what arbitrarily measures as an impossible morality, merely based on a misinterpreted 10 Commandments and "Good News Gospel" of a man hanging on a tree outside of its intended metaphor and allegory. 

Deal with your issues head on; don't allow things to fester. Acknowledge your wrong-doings, apologize when necessary and make amends when needed. Do what is common to growth, development and reconciliation. 

Who you are is a wonderful enlightenment to the World and if there is anything to be taken from the teachings of Christ it is to LOVE YOURSELF and LOVE OTHERS the same, simply because you understand who you are as the IMAGO DEI that images the DIVINE.