Säen Symmetry Is A Community Affair


Problem solving it at the core of our Mission to improve community. One issue in particular is reading deficiencies among African Americans. This is an ongoing problem existing for far too long, and has negatively impacted futures for decades. But what is at the center of this American controversy? Why are young Black children trailing so badly among their peers in the most essential aspect of human society? It's a challenge that we want to solve. 

Säen Symmetry is purely about change. It concerns eradicating what impedes progress, and with that energy, we work with stakeholders who understand what's at risk in allowing issues to mature into deficits.

Presently, we are putting together a solution that is truly remarkable, and will release this news to the public when we've crossed every T and have dotted every I.

We simply don't want to rush what should take the necessary time to conclude. 

Every child has a right to prosper in a world created by the DIVINE. And with that prosperity their light can truly illuminate. But it begins with a Right To Read.

So know that supporting Säen helps to eliminate this consequential roadblock, so that lives may be reimagined more productively.