We are a seemingly troubled society, plagued with major indifference, lack of empathy, division, over-thinking, religious zealotry, political deviancy and a host of other mental and social maladies that infect our minds, intellectual thinking capacity, ability to engage in deep and meaning critical analysis, but mostly, the need to expand our hearts toward acceptance. Instead, we more create spaces of "tolerance," an ugly word that simply denotes being unbothered, at a distance, with a dissociative behavior that never full accepts at the level of where someone is, and may possibly always be.

I don't care for religion, especially Christianity, for mere reason that, after a 20 year exhaustive study and learning of truth, I don't need either to exist in a world I came into with neither. I'm an etymologist, a highly functioning academic with many notable achievements. But I count none of that important in relationship to how I treat others, how I make them feel toward themselves. THIS is most important to me, not what I believe in, or the accolades I receive in life. And while I am not always perfect in these areas, I know enough about the reality of life in that, perfection isn't an aim -- at all. It is rather our imperfections that allow us to expand in consciousness, that moves us from our safety net, so that we might begin a process of expanding our reasoning capacity as Images of the Divine.

Religion offers us nothing when it demands, condemns, forfeits our truer sense of growth, when it creates fear in us, what "HIGHER POWERS" ARE NOT the author of. Imago-Dei in the latin form doesn't mean perfection. It implies growth, much in the same capacity of a butterfly being cocooned in protection for its transformation. What deports us is our FLESHLY INTELLECT, our "did "Elohim" say," instead of 'ELOHIM SAID!' We are simply NOT living in TRUTH, which derides our personal development. We've instead been hijacked, subverted in opposite reasoning of who we truly are. And if we are to ever reach our true spiritual Spring, we must first determine to leave behind our Winter.