I find metaphor and allegory very fascinating. When applied to the Bible in particular, its wisdom unravels the mysteries obscured by religious dogma, doctrine, and theology, an undertaking that has collectively taken me 20 years to sort through, all to receive greater benefit in my life. In this freedom, I have found myself no longer bound by someone's else's understanding of something they truly don't comprehend themselves, which offers me an unbound consciousness in realizing life as it is, and not what I always expect it to be.
As a Creative Director vastly interested in the human psyche, truth is a power that has offered me peace, to finally realize that I am not flawed, but that I am part of a larger cosmic growth and development, aimed at materializing me as what religion failingly calls the IMAGO DEI, the "Image of God," only not in prescribing this as a "perfection," for there simply is no such thing, regardless of misinterpretation of "be ye perfect, for I am perfect." Because the more correct, innate innerstanding, is what is to be based on an INTENDED END, or simply, learning to live from the conclusion of our being backward. That is, what we are to constantly do is live from the end, death, returning to the beginning, our child of wonder state, which then creates the end as the beginning. In this way, what Christianity calls "salvation," is already ours from birth, making the 'Garden of Eden,'not a "paradise," but a paradox: a mere inciting incident to prove to that END, what we already are and not who. The problem is that religion has purposely convoluted these terms to create dependance, loyalty, worship, obedience, to itself and the Church it created, using ethics and morals as a barometer of human behavior, which DO NOT work, for anything confined will eventually rebel. We are essentially, beings already capable, already empowered, already saved from ALL things that would challenge our sense of a truer self not mired in doubt, fears, and other's expectation of what and who we should be. 
So my offering here today is for you to relinquish the chains that so easily besets the truth of who you are. And understand, whatever "salvation" you feel that you find in "Jesus," or anywhere else for that matter, it is ONLY an archetype of who you already are. In this is statement of Jesus: "go and sin no more," then becomes the fulfillment of Genesis 4:7: "If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? 
Peace and wellness to ALL!